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Author Topic: Cameras in Guest houses  (Read 315 times)
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Just loving vice

« on: June 16, 2017, 03:08:55 PM »

So almost every business place these days has security surveillance and even the vice hotel do too.
the ones i have seen usually focused on the entrance gate, door entrance, cashier and car park
do any of you all ever fear a make-out scene when going to a guest house, if the security camera footage were to be released to public?
e.g. some shit happens in the car park area involving persons other than yourself and you and/or your car get spotted in the footage
or place get robbed and footage released of bandit running out and your car in the background?

what about if the room is monitored? less likely, but maybe the corridors where you have to pass?

I have seen in one place (V's Plaza) where they have a guy's face printed out who didn't pay for some damage he caused

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