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Author Topic: Local Guest Houses and Hotels - Rating System:  (Read 5486 times)
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« on: January 12, 2009, 03:15:07 PM »

This board contains a list of all the Guest Houses and Hotels which our members have utilized and have rated and provided information on so that other may be guided.

When doing a review of an establishment, the following should be considered: -

a. Proper Name
b. Full address
c. Rates - Per hour, per night, per weekend or special conditions as regards to rates.
d. Parking (Secure, Spacious or otherwise)
e. Security (Located in a high crime area, low crime area, security on site etc)
f.  Size of rooms and overall condition
g. Cleanliness of room
h. Customer Service
i.  Additional Services Offered (I don't think we have to spell this one out Grin)

At the end of your review, rate the establishment with our 5 STAR system: -

5 Stars - Excellent Hotel/Guest House, Excellent Parking, Excellent Security, Excellent
             Customer Service, Spacious and Clean Rooms.

4 Stars - Great Hotel/ Guest House, Great Parking, Great Security, Great Customer
             Service, Rooms are large enough and Clean.

3 Stars - Satisfactory Hotel/Guest House, Parking Available on site (not too secure),
             Borderline Customer Service, Rooms are relatively small but clean.

2 Stars - Poor Hotel/Guest House, Inadequate Parking (not secure), Poor Customer Service,
             Rooms are small, Not very clean, Bed needs replacing.

1 Star - Go if Desperate / Avoid if Possible, Poor Customer Service, No Security
            (High Crime Area), Risk of being Robbed on Exit, Rodent Infested,
            Use Towels and Soap at Own Risk.


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